WWE's Baron Corbin Shades AEW Match in Vomit-Filled Message

WWE star Baron Corbin does not appear to be a fan of the competition. He recently took to Twitter during an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) event and appeared to throw some shade with a vomit-filled message. He posted a video of a puppet vomiting and then provided his thoughts about AEW.

"Winner gets a title shot so.....forget covers, everybody get pops, spot spot spot dive dive dive spot spot spot spot dive dive dive dive spot dive spot dive spot group spot group spot dive, get your s–t in, neck beards 'this is awesome,'" Corbin wrote on Twitter.

Corbin accentuated the message with a video from the film Team America: World Police. One of the puppets/characters is shown violently throwing up in an alleyway. The WWE star did not comment on AEW beyond that one tweet.

Fans of Corbin were quick to show their agreement, writing about their various issues with AEW. One referred to WWE's competitor as something involving tumbling and flips.

"1000% agree...it's literally a gymnastics routine," one user wrote in response. "it's not wrestling..it's a choreographed scene out of a movie..how are moves supposed to mean anything if nobody sells,shows pain.."

While Corbin did not specifically name AEW in his vomit-filled tweet, it was sent at the same time a critical match was taking place. Young Bucks, Santana & Ortiz, Best Friends, and Kenny Omega & Adam Page were locked in a four-way match at the time. The winners would be given the opportunity to win an AEW tag team title.

Others also joined in the discussion saying that they have the same opinion as Corbin. AEW is not for everyone, which they expressed by writing: "Baron we tweeted it at the same time. Only marks like this garbage."

The vast majority of users, however, had a different take on the situation. They viewed Corbin as a grumpy person who is just complaining about what they believe to be is a better product. In fact, some users on social media even brought up how SmackDown had lower ratings than AEW Dynamite.

"Hey, thanks for helping AEW in the ratings. Then again, you're under 50, so you're out of WWE/NXT's main demographic," another user added to the conversation.

This isn't the first time that Corbin has criticized AEW. Back in Sept. 2019, he mentioned that Chris Jericho had won the AEW title at the age of 49. In his opinion, this would have drawn massive criticism had it happened in the WWE. AEW fans, however, didn't complain a bit.


(Photo Credit: Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)