WWE Superstar Says He Just Got Married in Rare Personal Reveal

A top WWE Superstar is a married man. Ilja Dragunov, who competes in NXT UK, went to social media to post a photo of himself and his bride tying the knot. Dragunov revealed that that couple got married on Dec. 17 while adding he is "completely fulfilled."

Dragunov is the reigning NXT UK Champion after being WALTER for the title at NXT TakeOver 36 in August. It was a huge win for Dragunov as WALTER held on to the title for 870 days. The brand returned the tapings in October after a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the first episode saw Dragunov successfully defend the title against A-Kid, who was the winner of the first NXT UK Heritage Cup, according to Wrestling Inc.

In an interview with ViBe & Wrestling, Dragunov talked about his championship win against WALTER. "The first match was a different version of Ilja Dragunov. So, it was a version of Ilja Dragunov that just relied on his intensity," he explained, per Wrestling Inc. "But being this intense is like being blind running into a wall and that's not the answer to be the best in the world like WALTER is, so I needed to be a more intelligent version of Ilja Dragunov.

"And I showed this progression on TakeOver; I had a game plan for WALTER. I knew what he was doing," Ilja added. "I knew how to get control over him and to make him realize that I'm not gonna fall like the last time. I already put him to his limits the last time, but this time, I put him on his limits by being intense and smart."

Dragunov also talked about wanting to take on Bobby Lashley who was the WWE Champion at the time. "I think Bobby Lashley would be great competition," he said. "This is something that would fit with my will, with my intensity, and this is something I think people would be very interested to see it because this is a thing of power. The obvious power of Bobby Lashley and the power of my will and my endurance."


Dragunov, 28, joined NXT UK in 2019 after spending time on the European independent circuit. He is the first Russian-born champion in WWE history and the first non-kayfabe Russian-born male wrestler to compete in the company.