WWE: Mick Foley Weighs in on Face Masks After Concerning Florida Convenience Store Experience

WWE star Mick Foley just weighed in on the ongoing debates surrounding mask-wearing and the COVID-19 pandemic. He recently had a concerning experience at a Florida convenience store, which prompted a tweet on Monday. The professional wrestler observed several people going in and out of the store without wearing masks, and he responded with some pessimism about the state of the country.

"My personal opinion after watching one maskless customer after another (15 in 5 minutes) entering a Florida convenience store.... WE ARE ALL F'D! If we can't extend the slightest courtesy to each other, this virus isn't going anywhere. PLEASE WEAR A MASK!" Foley tweeted on Monday. This request prompted a considerable number of responses, including several Twitter users that didn't agree with Foley.

"No thanks! Especially when I had someone blow cigarette smoke directly in my face today. I think there's a lot more evidence out there that cigarette smoking causes more deaths than this remarkably recoverable virus. But you do you," one person responded. Other Twitter users responded and said that they wouldn't "wear Foley's fear."

Debates have raged in recent months about mask requirements around the country. Many people have agreed to cover their faces in public, while others have argued against doing so. The debates have intensified as companies began making stricter policies surrounding masks.

As evidence of the split opinions, two passengers on a Delta flight recently drew attention when they refused to wear masks. A Delta airplane destined for Atlanta out of Detroit had to return to its gate ahead of takeoff. The result was a long delay, but Delta did not clarify if the passengers had to leave the airplane.


Along with Foley, another high-profile figure has weighed in and promoted wearing masks. Jackass star Steve-O recently tested positive for the coronavirus despite following the recommended safety protocols. He responded to this diagnosis by urging people to wear masks.

"I have a lot of feelings about this," Steve-O told TooFab. "There's nothing brave about saying 'I don't care about coronavirus,' because you're just putting other people at risk. As deliberately reckless as my Jackass buddies and I are — we put effort into being reckless — we are careful about being respectful to other people, you know? I think what's made Jackass successful, over these decades now, is that it's not mean spirited. We're not cruel; we do it to ourselves. and that gives it a sort of wholesome, lovable sense. Third-party people and putting them at risk is not part of our program. And for that matter I'd say me and all my buddies, we care about doing what we can to not spread it."