WWE's Matt Riddle Denies Sexual Assault Allegations in New Video

Matt Riddle is one of the rising stars of WWE but is currently in the middle of sexual assault [...]

Matt Riddle is one of the rising stars of WWE but is currently in the middle of sexual assault allegations. "The Original Bro," went to Twitter on Wednesday to share his side of the story in relation to independent wrestler Candy Cartwright's claims. He made it clear he never assaulted Cartwright or any individual.

"I have never in my entire life sexually assaulted a man, woman, or anybody," Riddle said at the start of the video. "And that includes Candy Cartwright. I never sexually assaulted you. The story about that van trip and the driver being asleep and me forcing you to do stuff is a complete lie, it's a fabricated story because you're still mad." Riddle went on to admit he had an affair with Cartwright. However, Riddle said he never denied it because "it happened." Riddle said he didn't want to talk about the relationship because he feels bad about cheating on his wife.

"We had a relationship," Riddle continued. "We had a fling. I started to get sad and depressed because I was lying to my wife so much to hide what I was doing. I was lying to all my friends because I didn't want anybody to know." Riddle then said he tried to end the relationship and told his wife about it. He blocked Cartwright on social media, but according to Riddle, Cartwright was able to contact him still. He even got a new number, which Cartwright was able to obtain. Riddle then revealed Cartwright began harassing his friends asking, "where is he?"

"At this point, you have to realize if you don't think you're stalking me or harassing me, you're crazy. And you're at home, and you don't think that's harassment, you're crazy," Riddle stated. "I'm not perfect. We did have an affair, and I'm not happy about that. But, I never sexually abused anybody, I never sexually assaulted anybody, and when I wanted to get out of this 'relationship,' she said 'no,' and she kept pursuing me and harassing me and stalking me. ...Completely unacceptable."

Cartwright announced the allegations on Twitter in June amid the #SpeakingOut movement going on in pro wrestling. WWE has released several pro wrestlers due to sexual assault allegations, including Jack Gallagher, Travis Banks and El Ligero. However, WWE has not taken any action on Riddle since it was reported the company knew about the allegations back in 2018 and did its own investigation.