WWE: Lana's Mother Hospitalized After Testing Positive for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected WWE Superstar Lana as her mom is dealing with the virus. On Wednesday, Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry, went to Twitter to reveal her mom is in the hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus. This comes on the heels of WWE reportedly having 30 people test positive for COVID-19 since late June.

"My mom tested positive for covid," Lana wrote on Twitter. "She is in the ICU right now. She is asthmatic and is on oxygen. Thank you for all the thoughts & prayers. Later that night, Lana also revealed her father tested positive for COVID-19. "My dad tested positive for covid," she wrote. "Please keep my family in your prayers." It was reported that WWE has conducted more than 1,500 tests for wrestlers and employees who have been working at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The company has received 30 positive tests, but wrestlers have reportedly been told not to state publicly if they have the virus. Four WWE staff members have tested positive for the virus - Renee Young, Kayla Braxton (for the second time), Adam Pearce, and Jamie Noble.

As for Lana, she has been active on WWE TV for the last few weeks. Her on-screen relationship with Bobby Lashley came to end after costing him the WWE Championship in a match with Drew McIntyre at Backlash. She is now working as Natalya's manager and has been recently seen with her real-life husband Rusev on Twitch streams and Tik Tok.

"I've gotten calls from like WWE and the FBI, people actually threatening WWE," Lana said in an interview with ComicBook.com back in December when talking about her storyline with Bobby Lashley. "Having death threats on me and the FBI has had to call me and protect me. And I get death threats on my comments on Instagram, on Twitter. I mean, people are bullies. I mean today I opened my email account and I had this death threat on my email."


Lana has been with WWE since 2013 and started as Rusev's manager. She would start to see more in-ring competition in 2016 but currently, she has been seen only as a manager. Lana has also been seen in various films such as Pitch Perfect 2, American Hustle (uncredited), and Another Version of You.