WWE Icon Shawn Michaels Now Has a Full-On Quarantine Beard

Shawn Michaels has taken his beard game to a new level. Ever since retiring from WWE, the 54-year old WWE legend has been growing out his beard. But now that everyone has been quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic, Michaels' beard is now as long as it has ever been.

Michaels was on WWE's The Bump on Sunday talking about the NXT TakeOver: In Your House event. WWE started In Your House in 1995 and Michaels discussed his first In Your House match, which was during the second event in July of that year. Michaels was taking on Jeff Jarrett and defeated him to win the Intercontinental Championship. "I was oblivious to what was going on with them behind the scenes, I don't know they were leaving," Michaels said via Comicbook.com. "But that weighed absolutely nothing on their performance. Jeff was a fantastic guy to work with [with a] fantastic crowd. Winning the Intercontinental Championship, that was one of those matches where it went well and the crowd was there for me that the company sort of looked at me and said, 'Yeah, he's a horse. I think we can depend on him for years to come.'"

Michaels was in a number of memorable matches in his career, including the first Hell in a Cell match that happened in the 18th In Your House event, which was called Badd Blood. On The Bump, Michaels talked about how he pitched the idea to Vince McMahon of putting a roof on the cage. "It was just a suggestion I made that I just threw out there," he said via Ringside News. "Vince took that and then made what is now our Hell In A Cell. First time we saw it, it was the day of the pay-per-view looking at that thing like 'Wow. That’s cool.' Then the first thing I said was, 'I gotta get on top.'"

In his WWE career, Michaels won the WWF Championship three times while winning the World Heavyweight Championship once. He's also the first Grand Slam Champion in WWE history, meaning he has won at least one primary championship, one tag team championship and a secondary championship and one tertiary championship.