WWE: Becky Lynch Rumored to Appear in Upcoming Marvel Movie

Is Becky Lynch about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it [...]

Is Becky Lynch about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it looks like it's a possibility, according to Kris Tapley, the host of Netflix's The Call Sheet podcast. This past weekend, Tapley went to Twitter and said Lynch is going to be in upcoming Marvel movie. He didn't say which film, but this news comes on the heels of Lynch being featured in the season premiere of the Showtime series Billions.

If the rumor is true, the question is which Marvel film will Lynch be in? The next upcoming film is Black Widow which will be released in November. It's unlikely Lynch will be in that film since they finished filming a while ago. Eternals is the next Marvel film, and it's possible she could have a cameo in appearance. The next one up is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and that could be the likely candidate due to the timing of the film and it featuring a fighting tournament, according to ComicBook.com.

In the meantime, the current WWE Raw Women's Champion is getting acting career advice from two former WWE Superstars who are now very active in Hollywood: Dwayne "The Rock Johnson" and John Cena.

"[The Rock has] actually he's been very helpful in guiding me," Lynch said to TMZ. "He's just being very giving and I think they all are because they've all been there and they're all ready to look after the next generation. Cena's also been so great to me and so generous with his time and his advice, checks up on me on what I'm doing now. I think everybody wants to see the next generation move to where they've been, ya know?!"

Lynch continued: "When you're in WWE, everything is one take. You're live in front of the entire world and you don't really have the time to mess up and if you do mess up, you have to make the best of it. It's like this crazy amazing improv where you're also kinda the director, producer, actor, writer of your own character. So, I think it really just sets you up with a skill set that's unprecedented in any other field."