Police Eject Fans at Baltimore Orioles Game Over Trump 2020 Banner

Police officers escorted four men out of a Baltimore Orioles game for putting up a Trump 2020 banner during the eighth inning at the team's stadium, Camden Yards on Thursday night. As they were forced by law enforcement to pull the banner away, fans were chanting, "Take it down."

As TMZ mentioned, the Orioles have an anti-banner policy at their stadium which prohibits fans to have any signs during the game. However, with President Donald Trump verbally attacking the city this week, that banner sparked some strong emotions.

Last weekend, Trump described Baltimore as “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” That caused an outcry in the city and it even led to John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens to respond.

“Well I can tell you this,” Harbaugh said. “My wife, my daughter, and me, we love Baltimore. And more than Baltimore, we love the people in Baltimore. We love the people in Baltimore everywhere. Maybe it’s because the Baltimore people love the Ravens so much, but we’ve felt nothing but love here for the last 11 years.”

“I think all big cities have challenges and problems, it’s not unique here, I think. Our prayer, as a family, when we go to bed at night sometimes, is...well, it will be from now on at least...is that the politicians get together and work together. You know? Can you imagine how powerful it would be if the two sides of the aisle, two guys like those two wonderful people, got together and solved some problems and found ways to make things better? That’s what we are all rooting for.”

Baseball legend Johnny Damon doesn't feel the same way as Harbaugh. In fact, he agrees with Trump's comments.


"He's not wrong," Damon said, according to TMZ Sports. "Baltimore was one of the best places to visit when I broke into the league in '95. And, at the end, we didn't really, like, enjoy going back. Towards the end, it started getting a little scarier."

Damon went on to say Baltimore "is a great town" and he hopes the comments bring the people in the city together. That's likely not going to happen, but it will be interesting to see if Trump visits Maryland between now and Election Day next year.