Tom Brady Reacts to Loss Against Chiefs With Famous Quote by Bill Belichick

Tom Brady is not happy with the way things are going with the New England Patriots right now as they have lost three of their last five games after starting the season 8-0. However, based on what he recently posted on social media, Brady is not going to dwell on the team's 23-16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The six-time Super Bowl champion went to Twitter on Monday to share his reaction to the team's first home loss of the year and he posted a photo of himself and a quote that was made famous by Patriots head coach Bill Belichick five years ago. The Patriots will face the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday, so it makes a lot of sense for Brady to post it.

Patriots fans were happy that Brady posted it because they know the history of the quote.

"Bill Belichick said that in a postgame conference after the Patriots lost to the Chiefs 41-14 on MNF Week 4 September 29, 2014. New England then went on and blew out the Bengals 43-17 the very next week," one fan wrote. "The Patriots went on to win the super bowl later that year."

Another fan is ready to see Brady in action. The Twitter user wrote, "See you Sunday Tom. I'll be there like I am every week cheering on my hometown team- win or lose- but looking forward to watching the GOAT play in person."

"The goat watching Brady is majestic well," another fan added. "It's not Brady's fault he has been used to way more protection."

As much support was shown for Brady, there were a few that think he needs to call it a career. This fan wrote: "Funny Brady has always been considered the GOAT and no one gave credit to the O line or WR play and now he is playing like shit and the O line and WRs are to blame. Hahahahahaaaahaaa Brady was great. But come on. He's done. Time to retire."

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2014 after they started the season 2-2. After being blown out by the Chiefs, Belichick told reporters, "we're onto Cincinnati" five times to let everyone know they have moved on to their next opponent.


"I could have done it three times, I could have done it 53 times, It could have been 103 times if that's what they wanted to keep asking, because we had to turn the page," Belichick said back in 2015 via Fox Sports.

The good news for the Patriots is the Bengals enter Sunday's game with a 1-12 record. So despite the issues they are currently with, the Patriots should get back on track with a strong performance against the Bengals.