Tom Brady Reacts to Patriots Fans Booing During Loss Against Chiefs

On Sunday, the New England Patriots experienced something they haven't seen or heard in a very long time. When the team was taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, the fans began to boo the team as they were down 20-7 at halftime. New England tried to rally in the second half, but they came up short as they lost 23-16. On Monday, Tom Brady was on WEEI's The Greg Hill Show and he was asked about his thoughts about fans booing the team. Because of the success, the team has had in the last 19 seasons, Brady is not too worried about it.

"Look, we've had millions of people show up for our winning celebrations, our rallies after we've won Super Bowls," Brady said. "I think when you play sports, nothing's guaranteed and you have wins, you have losses, you have highs, you have lows, you have great, thrilling wins, and you have very tough losses. I think how you handle those things, I would say gracefully is most important to me."

The six-time Super Bowl champion went on to say he can't control how the fans feel so all anyone can do is move on and try to improve each week.

"Everyone has the right to do what they want to do and feel how they want to feel and we as a team obviously feel very disappointed when we lose games," Brady said, "So you just take it for what it is and try to move forward and do the best you can do and that's what everyone's trying to do out there."

Most NFL fans who don't support the Patriots don't understand why fans are booing a team that has been to nine Super Bowls since 2001. Also, the Patriots are 10-3 this season so it would take something drastic to happen for them to not reach the playoffs. As good as the Patriots have been, they have struggled the last five weeks, specifically on offense. In the last five games, New England is averaging 17.6 points per contest and they have lost three games during the span. And as great Brady has been his entire career, he's not playing at the level fans are used to seeing, completing only 54 percent of his passes and posting a passer rating of 74.2.


The good news for the Patriots is they will face the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, a team that has won just one game the entire year.