Tom Brady Teases Possible Return to Patriots Following Homecoming Game

Tom Brady just played in one of the biggest games in NFL history, returning to New England and faced the Patriots on Sunday night. The Tampa Bay Buccanneers quarterback led the team to a 19-17 victory, improving their record to 3-1. Fans showed their appreciation to Brady before the game, and when the seven-time Super Bowl champion spoke to reporters following the contest, Brady teased a possible return to New England in some capacity. 

"It's been a great stadium for me for a long time," Brady said, per CBS Sports. "I don't know what the future holds. Obviously could be an opportunity to come back here. We'll see. I feel like I'll always be a part of this community. I'll be up here quite a bit when it's all said and done. When I retire I'm sure there will be a lot of time for – you know, I have a lot of friends up here and it's a great place. My kids were born on Beacon Street in the city. It's been an amazing place for me, it still is. I obviously see a lot of familiar friendly faces, and great to see you guys, too." 

Brady returning to the Patriots could mean different things. Once he retires, Brady could sign a one-day contract with the team, or he could be a member of the team's front office. As far as playing for the team again, it's unlikely that will happen considering he spent 20 years with the organization and has done everything an NFL player can do with a franchise.

However, Brady returning to be the Patriots quarterback is not completely out of the question as owner Robert Kraft would love to have him back. Right Now, Brady is focused on getting back to the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers, but he loved returning to the Patriots and re-connecting with former teammates. 

"Just a lot of emotions," Brady said of his return. "It was a very emotional week. Again, these guys are like my brothers, you know what I mean? There are two groups of people, all my Bucs teammates that I love and I'm going to battle with every week, and then there is another group of guys that I see, and those are my friends that I been with for a long time. Matt Slater and Kyle Van Noy and Dont'a Hightower and John and Devin [McCourty] and David Andrews and Hoyer. There is a whole crew. Josh [McDaniels]. These are the people that I've shared my life with."