Tom Brady Loses Dock, 2 Jet Skis After Tropical Storm Eta Hits Tampa Bay

Tom Brady is not used to seeing tropical storms, as he didn't have to deal with them when he was with the New England Patriots. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback talked to reporters on Thursday and revealed that he lost his dock and two jet skis after Tropical Storm Eta hit the area. He was surprised to see how much of an impact the storm made.

"The hurricane, that was a trip last night for me," Brady said as reported by TMZ. "I had a dock and it broke, floated away. I had these jet skis on, I saw those things sitting in the middle of the bay and I was going, 'Wow, that's pretty surreal,' and I was kinda laughing. 'Well, you'll get the jet skis back.'" Brady went on to say he was surprised to see how fast the storm moved through the community.

"It happened pretty quick, I thought you had time to prepare for these things but apparently you don't, They're just kinda on you and then you just gotta deal with it so we pushed the schedule back today," he said. "Fortunately everyone made it safe and sound. Good lesson learned for someone who's been in the northeast for a long time."

Brady was able to retrieve his jet skis. However, the focus for him is getting back on track on the football field as the Buccaneers are coming off a 38-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints. Brady had one of the worst performances of his career, throwing three interceptions and recording a 40.4 passer rating.


"It’s about playing better and execution, Brady said after the game on Sunday night as reported by Fox News. "When you play good teams, there’s little margin of error. They’ve been a great team for a long time. They’ve got a lot of good players. If we’re going to beat them, we're going to have to play a lot better than we played tonight."

The Bucs are now 6-3 on the year and would make the playoffs if it started today. However, the loss put them behind the Saints for the lead in the NFC South. So far this season, Brady has completed 65.3% of his passes and has thrown for 2,398 yards, 20 touchdowns and seven interceptions with a passer rating of 96.2.