Tom Brady 'Likes' Antonio Brown's Apology to Patriots

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown are no longer teammates, but Brady still supports Brown as he tries to make things right and return to the NFL. On Tuesday, Brown sent a message to Patriots owner Robert Kraft and he apologized for his actions which got a lot of action on Instagram and Twitter. Brady saw Brown's post on Instagram and he "liked" it along with several Patriots players.

That led to a number of responses on Twitter. One fan said, "Kraft should swallow his pride and sign him. Brady is due that, after all he has done for the franchise. Give this man the weapon he deserves."

Another fan said, "all of Brady's receivers are good, but almost all of them are slow. Brady needs a real deep threat and that’s ab. Dorsett is fast, but he also can’t seem to get any separation, too."

And yet another fan said, "I feel bad for Brady having to work with that offense... especially having no receivers who can’t get any separation. For your owner to get rid of one of the most talented receivers in this league is a slap to the face to Brady and Belichick as they were pissed about his release."

This is nothing new for Brady as he has "liked" a number of Brown's posts ever since he was released by the team in September. As for his thoughts of Brown being cut, Brady has never shared them publicly, but he did talk about how he tried to be a good teammate to him.

"There’s a lot of human elements and I think because as a player and a person I care deeply about my teammates," Brady said. "I want everyone to be the best they can possibly be. From the day I started with this team, even back I’d say in college, it’s such a tight-knit group and you want everyone to become the best they can possibly be and you try to provide leadership. You try to care for people. You try to provide whatever you think you can to help them reach their highest potential, whatever situation it is.


"I’ve had a lot of teammates over the years. You invest not just your head, but your heart. You invest your soul. That is what makes a great team. That is what makes a great brotherhood. I think in the end, that is the endearing trait about sports."

Brown only played in one game for the Patriots which was in Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins. In that game, Brown notched four receptions for 56 yards and one touchdown.