Tiki Barber Believes NFL, College Football Seasons Will Be Delayed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (Exclusive)

The coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the entire world, which means there are no sports for fans to enjoy. Once the pandemic hit, live sports were postponed and it's uncertain now when the NBA or MLB will return. What does this mean for the NFL and college football season as they will get things going in the fall? PopCulture.com recently caught up with former University of Virginia and New York Giants running back Tiki Barber, who weighed in on what will happen with the 2020 NFL and college football seasons. There have been some speculation of the seasons being canceled if things don't get any better. Barber believes fans will be able to see football, but it might be a little later than normal.

"I'm going to assume they are going to be postponed, but I do think they'll both be played, college football in particular," Barber said to PopCulture.com exclusively. "It's such a revenue generator for the athletic departments of some of these universities, and without the billions of dollars that come into the NCAA and distributed to those universities and athletic departments, some of them might go under. Even if it's a couple of months delayed, I think the NCAA fall schedule is going to happen because of the money that's involved."

The NFL is planning to start the season on time, but the league does have a contingency plan just in case large gatherings still can't happen. Next week, the NFL Draft will air on multiple networks, and it will be all virtual. Also, team facilities are closed, and it's unknown when they will reopen. As for the NCAA, a decision has not been made yet because the season starts in four months. However, spring football didn't happen for any of the schools, and it's not clear if they can get back on the field for summer workouts. In the meantime, Barber is looking to help college athletes earn some income with the launch of the social media platform Tsu.

"We know there's a change coming in allowing college athletes to profit off of their name image and likeness," Barber said. "Tsu is perfectly positioned to capitalize on that, both on the storefront and from the content they create. It's really something that resonated with me."


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