'Ted Lasso' Fans Can Get Their Own Official AFC Richmond Jersey

Ted Lasso Season 2 will start streaming on Apple TV+ on July 23, and fans can now buy an official [...]

Ted Lasso Season 2 will start streaming on Apple TV+ on July 23, and fans can now buy an official jersey. A new Ted Lasso store just opened, and one of the things available is fans being able to represent AFC Richmond with a jersey. AFC Richmond is the fictional soccer team lead by coach Ted Lasso, who is played by Jason Sudeikis. Fans can purchase the AFC Richmond jersey for $59.95 and can personalize it with their first and last name (click here to order). Earlier this month, Ted Lasso co-creator Bill Lawrence said professional level kits will be available in September.

Season 2 of Ted Lasso comes months after Season 1 debuted and was a major hit. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in August, Sudeikis talked about how Lasso would handle the COVID-19 pandemic since he's very calm in a number of different situations.

"I think he'd be thriving," suggests Sudeikis. "I mean, he makes the best of a bad situation. He's an indomitable spirit, so I can see him organizing trivia nights down in Orlando, or like karaoke nights and hosting it and spraying the microphone after each person. I'm sure LeBron [James] has a lovely singing voice, probably does a great '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton, and if he doesn't, he would by the time it's over with Ted's guidance. He's exactly the type of person you'd want to go through something hard or heavy with."

Lasso was a college football coach but was hired to be the head man at AFC Richmond despite having no soccer coaching experience. And while the season wasn't strong in terms of wins and losses, Lasso was able to win the hearts of the players, management and fans for his approach, which is being a nice guy.

"Prior to meeting Bill [Lawrence], Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly and I, the guys that I did the commercial with who are writer/producers on the show — Brendan being an actor on the show, he plays Coach Beard in the commercials and the TV program," Sudeikis said in an interview with Collider in November. "I had this idea that it could be more than just four minutes, and we tried to prove it to ourselves. We sat down one week and just tried to outline and flesh out an idea for a pilot script, a first script. And then that happened really quick. We were able to figure out that story."