Super Bowl 2020: Kansas City Police Make 14 Arrests, Received 163 Gunfire Reports After Chiefs Victory

As Kansas City, Missouri erupted in celebration last night over the Kansas City Chief's big Super Bowl victory, local police were there to make sure it was done legally. According to the KCPD website, the city's Power and Light District had the biggest turnout with roughly 20,000 people. Out of that number, only 14 were arrested, while another 45 were ejected from the area. Kansas City Fire Department also treated a total of 24 medical incidents in the area during the big game.

There were also 163 total reports of celebratory gunfire throughout the city from Sunday afternoon until early Monday morning. The site indicates the police will still be following up on these incidents.

Additionally, there was one reported death when a man attempted to light commercial-grade fireworks in an improvised mortar when one exploded. The man suffered a catastrophic head injury and was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. The KCPD will also be in full swing for the official victory parade, which kicks off at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

The Super Bowl celebratory action wasn't limited to the streets of Kansas City, either. During the game itself, an Instagram model named Kelly Green attempted to storm the field. Partway through the first quarter, Green hopped the railing and did her best to run onto the field. Soon after, she was tackled and escorted off the field by a combination of security personnel and police officers. As Green was heading toward the tunnel, she flashed her posterior to Super Bowl LIV attendees.

Green's friend and fellow model Colleen McGinniss posted a video of the whole thing on social media, captioning the clip "You go b–h!! Look at that a–!"

The authorities did not find the incident humorous as they arrested Green and charged her with misdemeanor trespass. She was later released on Monday, which she showed with a poolside video. If she's convicted, she could face up to one year of jail. Although the maximum punishment is unlikely, she could still face punishment from the NFL over the stunt, though that has yet to be determined.

Still, not everyone who shelled up upwards of $7,000 for a Super Bowl ticket had an exciting time. A now-viral video caught one attendee catching a quick nap while sitting comfortably in his seat -- while the game was still in the first quarter.


The final score of Super Bowl LIV saw the Chiefs beating the San Francisco 49ers a total of 31 to 20.