Steph Curry's Wife Ayesha Turns Heads After Revealing Dicey Photo of Ali Wong

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, capped off the decade by taking in a standup show from Bay Area favorite Ali Wong. The popular comedian was performing at the Masonic as part of her Milk & Money tour, and the celebrity couple was on hand for some backstage photos. However, one image, in particular, drew some attention from users on social media.

As the post on Instagram showed, Ayesha was holding Wong in her arms while posing for the camera. Some fans noticed that the angle made it appear that the comedian's outfit was a bit revealing. Although Ayesha did address the perceived issue in the caption of her Instagram post.

"Last date night of the year was a great success! Thanks for making us laugh [Ali Wong]!!! The best! (Chill y'all they're panty shorts)." Wong posted the photo on her profile as well, writing that "mommy and daddy" came to the show.

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Some of the users on social media didn't believe this explanation about the "panty shorts" while others were more focused on the star power included in the photo. They were simply impressed by the fact that all three figures have made an impact on different industries. Curry, in particular, was recently named as the NBA Player of the Decade by the New York Times.

There were some discussions about whether LeBron James or Curry was the better choice for this prestigious honor. The Golden State Warriors star ultimately took home the victory after winning back-to-back MVPs and finishing the season as the NBA Finals champion three times in four years.

"It feels weird not to pick LeBron James here, what with him being the best player in the world and all, but Stephen Curry was the defining player of this decade," NBA editor Shauntel Lowe wrote. "No one changed basketball the way he did, and no one captivated the world as he did. Suddenly, here was a player for whom there was no such thing as a bad shot. That’s not true for anyone besides Curry. He’s the one."


Curry has only appeared in four games this season after suffering a hand injury, and he is expected to be out until at least February. For now, he is enjoying the time with his wife, Ayesha, while also posing for photos with Wong.

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images