Russell Wilson Is Loving Dennis Rodman's Hair in 'The Last Dance'

ESPN's 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls has captured the attention of the nation. Fans love The Last Dance, especially after the latest episodes focused on Dennis Rodman. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is among those fascinated by the documentary series, and he has chosen to celebrate by releasing an odd Photoshopped image.

Wilson posted a photo on Twitter Tuesday that showed him on the sidelines during a Seahawks game. There were some major differences, however, considering that he had a version of Rodman's colorful hair. Wilson also had the pierced lip, nose and ears for which the former Chicago Bulls star drew attention. He explained the transformation by writing: "#TheLastDance got me like..."

"Odds on you turning up to the first game of the season with green hair," one fan posted on social media. Several others joined in the conversation and called for Wilson to channel his inner Rodman during the 2020 NFL season. They want to see the Super Bowl-winning quarterback with bright green hair throughout the year. Technically, it wouldn't clash with the uniforms considering that the Seahawks have green in the team colors.

Of course, not all of the fans were fired up about Wilson's altered image. They didn't think that the green hair was a good look for him considering his squeaky-clean image. One person even showed this concern by asking if Wilson had been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They expected this hairstyle from someone residing in Florida.

Whether or not the fans agreed with Wilson's choice of hair color, they did understand his excitement. The Last Dance has been entertaining viewers for two weeks due to the level of access provided and the footage captured by the camera crew. Having players such as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen conducting interviews about infamous trips to Las Vegas or feuds with the Detroit Pistons just adds another level of information.


The next two episodes, however, may be far more emotional for many NBA fans. ESPN released a teaser trailer on Sunday that revealed some of the storylines. Jordan's sponsorships and impact on pop culture will certainly be a prominent factor, but he will also be facing off with another superstar. There were glimpses of the late Kobe Bryant shown, which meant that the 1998 All-Star Game will be discussed. Considering that Bryant died with eight others in a Jan. 26 helicopter crash, the fans are fully expecting emotions to play a role on Sunday night. They will be watching the next two episodes of The Last Dance with a box of tissues.