Seahawks' KJ Wright Sounds off About 'Dirty Dumb Malicious S—' After Cowboys Game

Sunday afternoon, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw five touchdowns en route to a victory over the Dallas Cowboys. However, a member of America's Team drew the most attention due to alleged dirty plays on the field. Defensive lineman Trysten Hill rolled over while holding the leg of Seahawks' running back Chris Carson, a move that drew the ire of linebacker KJ Wright.

Wright posted a video on Twitter that showed Hill tackling running back Chris Carson. The defensive lineman landed on Carson's right leg and then rolled over while twisting his left. Hill got up after the play but Carson remained on the field. He ultimately had to be helped to the locker room, and he did not return.

"[NFL] this needs to be addressed ASAP!! Doing dirty dumb malicious s— like this can end someone's season! This is clearly intentional and getting fined isn't enough. Im all for guys playing hard but I have zero tolerance for this [NFL]" Wright tweeted after Sunday's game.

NFL fans saw Wright's comment and expressed very different opinions. Some agreed with the linebacker and said that the NFL needs to suspend Hill. Others, however, called Wright a linebacker. They said that one of his former teammates did the "exact same move" to a Cowboys player during a previous matchup but didn't face any criticism.

Hill primarily drew criticism with the leg roll, but he also had another play under scrutiny. He tried to sack Wilson during a late play, but the quarterback threw a touchdown to DK Metcalf. Hill continued at full speed into Wilson with a helmet-to-helmet hit. Many fans saw this contact and proclaimed that it was another dirty hit while others came to Hill's defense.


Following the game, the Seahawks fans had concerns about Carson's health. Many wondered if he had torn the ligaments in his knee. However, head coach Pete Carroll provided some relief on Monday by saying that his running back is only dealing with a first-degree knee sprain and that he may return in the near future. Although Carroll expressed a similar sentiment to Wright by saying that "I was really pissed about that" in reference to the play.

The Seahawks running back avoided a major injury, but fans are still calling for the NFL to heavily punish Wright. They want to see a hefty fine, as well as a potential suspension. According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the league will likely fine Hill for his "gator roll" but will not suspend him.