Cowboys and Raiders Involved in 2 Separate Fights During Thanksgiving Game

The Dallas Cowboys and Las Vegas Raiders got into two separate fights during their game on Thanksgiving. The first altercation happened in the third quarter when Raiders punter AJ Cole punted a ball that went out of bounds, according to the New York Post. As that was happening Raiders' Roderic Teamer and Cowboys' Kelvin Joseph continued shoving as they went to the sidelines towards the back of the Raiders bench. Joseph pushed Teamer to the turn before jumping up to shove him back. Nearly two dozen players made their way over the altercation, and even referee Tom Hill was part of the scrum as it showed him with a bloodied spot on his chin. 

The second altercation occurred when the game ended. Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill punched Raiders offensive lineman John Simpson when the teams met on the field. It then showed around right plays shoving in an altercation near midfield. The Cowboys ended up losing to the Raiders 36-33 in overtime. According to the Associated Press, the Cowboys and Raiders combined for 28 penalties and 276 penalties, which were season-highs for both teams. 

"I feel bad for my guys cause I know some of the penalties were 50/50; some would say really bad calls," Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons said after the game, per Pro Football Talk. "It doesn't matter. At the end of the day, football is an aggressive game and you're gonna attack the ball, and you're gonna play through the ball, and you're gonna play the defender. End of the day, it's gonna come to a point and time where when are you going to let us truly play?"  

"It's obvious. They definitely affected the game," quarterback Dak Prescott said. "But we've got to self-reflect and keep the officials out of the game. One way or another, we've got to be better. We've got to be disciplined. We've got to focus on controlling what we can control. Obviously, they're going to happen. Feel like we're targeted a little bit, but in the same instance, yeah, we've got to be better on our end to try to keep them out of the game."  


The Cowboys have now lost three of their last four games after winning six consecutive contests. The Raiders get a much-needed win after losing their last three games.