Saquon Barkley Gives VIP Treatment to Young Giants Fan After DeMarcus Lawrence Cold Shoulder

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are bitter rivals in the NFC East, and their dislike of each other extends to the fanbases. Star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence proved as much following the week one victory over the Giants when a young fan in a Saquon Barkley jersey approached him and asked for an autograph. Lawrence simply walked past the kid, looked at him and said, "Get the right jersey, son."

The fans of the Cowboys absolutely loved this cold shoulder, but Barkley can't believe it. In fact, the second-year phenom out of Penn State is on a mission to make this young fan forget the slight by Lawrence. According to TMZ Sports, Barkley reached out to the family of young Kamil Bautista and invited them to the Nov. 10 game against the New York Jets.

Barkley will reportedly fly the family from their home in McAllen, Texas to the Big Apple and will give them a meet-and-greet experience as well as VIP treatment at MetLife Stadium.

"It's crazy how you fans want to attack me for not signing for a kid. It's more than one kid that come to the game with Cowboys jerseys and never get to meet any player," Lawrence wrote on Twitter after his slight went viral. "So if I'm honest with my own kids I will never treat your kid better than mine so suck it up."

Of course, Lawrence did not know that the Bautista family drove nine hours in order to make it to the game. He simply saw the Giants jersey and felt the need to teach the youngster while rivalries exist.


Barkley, on the other hand, will be making sure that the kid receives special treatment when he heads to New York to see the Giants play the Jets. There is no denying that young Kamil will be getting plenty of autographs from his favorite team, which will only make his fandom even stronger.

While Barkley hasn't officially confirmed that he will indeed be providing this VIP treatment, he has retweeted the post by B/R Gridiron. This should serve as a confirmation that the young Giants star will be making a lifetime of memories for the young fan and his family.