Saints' Alvin Kamara Blasts NFL for 'Dumb' Schedule Change

The NFL is expected to announce an expanded 17-game schedule this week, and the players aren't [...]

The NFL is expected to announce an expanded 17-game schedule this week, and the players aren't very happy about it. New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara was one of the players who went to social media to express his frustration about adding an extra game to the regular season. He didn't understand why it was necessary.

"S— dumb... as hell." Kamara tweeted. A number of fans responded to Karama's tweet, including one person who wrote out a long message blasting him for ripping the NFL. Kamara posted the message on Twitter and wrote, "17 games still dumb. Why he so mad?" The other players who expressed their frustration are Green Bay Packers safety Adrian Amos, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay and Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan.

Adding another game (or two) to the schedule is something that has been talked about for a while. Back in December, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said a 17th game will be added to the schedule in 2021. "We play 20 games a year before we get to the playoffs (4 preseason, 16 regular season)," Jones said on 103.5 The Fan in Dallas. "We've agreed with the players and the Players Association that we would increase the 16 to 17 games. ... I could see lessening by a game every other year, and increasing the regular season by a game."

Jones was also asked at the time why didn't he owners approve a 17-game schedule. "(We) didn't need to," he said. "We've got several meetings ahead in the offseason, and it just wasn't something we had to address. We wanted (everyone) to think about it more and to think about if there are any nuances we could add to it. You'd be surprised (what you could come up with) when you invite the prospective from 32 teams."

The 17-game schedule comes on the heels of the league expanding the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams, which was implemented last year. For the 2021 schedule, it is expected each team will have 17 games on 18 weekends, according to Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis. The season will start on Sept. 12 and the final regular-season Sunday will be on Jan. 9. Super Bowl Sunday will be on Feb. 13.