Ryan Newman's Estranged Wife Krissie Newman Shares Hospital Release Video Following Daytona 500 Crash

Ryan Newman's estranged wife, Krissie Newman, just shared a video of the NASCAR driver being released from the hospital, following his harrowing Daytona 500 crash. In the clip, Newman is shown walking out if the hospital while holding both of his daughters by the hands. Krissie captioned the clip by calling it the "best sight ever!!!" Fans of Newman of have since showered the the post with comments, with one writing, "Thank you Krissie for sharing this with us. This is the best thing I've seen."

"As a mom, this made me sob. I am so thankful he is safe & back with his family. I hope his road to recovery is quick, and you guys continue to coparent in such a great way," exclaimed another fan.

"So happy for all of you, this man is one heck of a tough guy. He loves those two girls more than anything in the world and everyone knows that. Love seeing him walk out on his own and of course has his to favorites ladies by his side," commented someone else.

"I'm crying because I'm happy. Best video I've seen. We love Ryan & your family so much. Sending love & prayers. God is good," offered one other user.

"I can't even walk after playing basketball three days in a row and this dude's car got demolished by another car going 200mph and turned into a fire ball. Don't tell me NASCAR drivers aren't athletes," wrote a fifth fan.


Newman wound up in the hospital after suffering a terrifying crash at the Daytona 500 on Monday. The race actually kicked off on Sunday, but had to be postponed due to rain delay.

Once it resumed the following day, Newman held the lead, but during the last lap his car made contact with another racer's vehicle, and caused him to spin out and flip. Thankfully, after suffering some non-life-threatening injuries, he's doing much better.