Ronda Rousey Reacts to Conor McGregor's Loss and Injury at UFC 264

Ronda Rousey had a message for Conor McGregor after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The former UFC and WWE Champion went to Twitter to show her support for McGregor, who called out Poirier after losing due to a leg injury. Rousey said UFC is "lucky" to have him still competing.

"I'm amazed that as soon as you hit the ground you were already promoting the next fight [Conor McGregor] - I def wouldn't have had the mind to do that. The other fighters, [UFC] and media are lucky to have you," Rousey wrote. McGregor saw the Tweet from Rousey and thanked her for the message. Rousey's reaction comes as many fans and media members went after McGregor for calling out Poirier and his wife while being treated for his injury.

"Ya wife is in me DMs. Hey baby!" McGregor yelled into the microphone during his post-fight interview directed the couple. "Hit me back up. I'll chat to you later on! I'll be at your after-party. The Wynn nightclub. You look in bits, ya little h—! F— him!" Poirier's wife, Jolie was seen flipping McGregor off as she and her husband were walking out of the octagon.

With the match ending in a doctor's stoppage, it's likely McGregor and Poirier will battle for the fourth time when McGregor is 100% healthy. In the meantime, Poirier will likely face Charles Oliveira for the UFC Lightweight Championship. But McGregor has a message for Poirier.

"Dustin, you can celebrate that illegitimate win all you want, but you done nothing in there," McGregor said in a video posted on social media. "That second round would have shown all, and onwards and upwards we go, team. We dust ourselves off, we build ourselves back and we come back better than ever. Let's go team." In the same video, McGregor gave an update on his health after having surgery on his leg.


"Just out of the surgery room. Everything went to plan," McGregor said. "Everything went perfect. I'm feeling tremendous. We've got six weeks on a crutch now and then we begin to build back. I want to thank all the fans all around the world for your messages of support, I hope you all enjoyed the show. I want to thank all the fans in attendance at the T-Mobile Arena – 21,800 fans in attendance."