Roman Reigns Got New Teeth Ahead of WWE Return, See the Transformation

Sunday night, WWE star Roman Reigns made a surprising return to SummerSlam 2020, sparking excitement on social media. While the majority of fans just focused on Reigns' performance and the impact that it made on WWE, others dealt with a major distraction. They just wanted to talk about the wrestler's new teeth.

Several wrestling fans posted photos and videos on Twitter Sunday night and examined the fancy "pearly whites." They expressed fascination with the change and praised Reigns for getting the work done. Others said that they would not be able to focus for a while due to the noticeable difference. "One thing I will say though, it's going to take me a while to adjust to Roman Reigns' new teeth. Those are some pearly whites!!" one person commented.

"I thought it was a mouthguard that look like teeth. In some profile footage it looks like it, anyway," one person countered. A few did not actually believe that Reigns worked on his teeth while remaining away from the wrestling ring. They just expressed the opinion that he had a fancy mouthguard. However, the doubters were in the minority.

The teeth became even more of a storyline after fellow wrestler Randy Orton took to social media. The well-known heel posted a photo of Brian the Dog from Family Guy flashing some shiny new teeth. He then added a caption about Reigns returning to WWE.

Reigns responded with another photo that showed a close-up of his face, as well as his perfectly straight, white teeth. He stood in the gym and threw shade of his own toward Orton. "@randyorton If I was you... I'd be talking bout me too, cause nobody's talking bout you. #GetYourNumbersUp," Reigns wrote.


Whether or not his teeth were "actually fixed," Reigns still created excitement among wrestling fans with his surprising appearance on Sunday night. He disrupted the evening's matches and took out both "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Braun Stroman at SummerSlam. He then reflected on the moment with a post on Instagram.

"You'll never see it coming. #SummerSlam," Reigns captioned a photo of him standing in front of the virtual ThunderDome audience. He held the championship belt above his head. The fans in the background reacted by holding their arms above their head in triumph. Others just had shocked expressions on their faces.