Rob Gronkowski Wears Turtleneck on Fox Sports and NFL Fans Lose It

Rob Gronkowski is not returning to the NFL anytime soon. But based on what he was wearing on [...]

Rob Gronkowski is not returning to the NFL anytime soon. But based on what he was wearing on Sunday while on the Fox Sports show, Fox NFL Sunday, fans might want him to stay on as an analyst. During halftime of the Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots game, Gronk was on with the Fox NFL Sunday crew that included Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan and Tony Gonzalez and he gave his thoughts on the game. But fans who were watching the show couldn't get over the fact Gronkowski was wearing a turtleneck to go along with his jacket.

That led to a number of fans making fun of the former New England Patriots tight end. From being compared to a jazz club bouncer to a figure skater, fans loved Gronk's style on Sunday.

It didn't end there. Fans compared Gronk to a supervillain, a frat boy and being a person held hostage. It was a field day for the fans, but it really shouldn't be a surprise if any follows Gronk closely.

"Gronk looking like a frat boy with an art degree," one user wrote.

Another wrote, "Gronk looks like a supervillain whose plans are always comically bad."

As for what he had to say at halftime of the Cowboys vs. Patriots game, he called out Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for not letting the team practice when it's inclement weather. On Sunday the game was played in heavy rain and that's one of big reasons why Gronk thought the Pats had the edge over the Cowboys.

"Let me tell you, it's advantage Patriots any time there is weather," Gronkowski said. "You wanna know why? The Patriots practice in any condition. If it's rain, if it's snow, if it's 100 degrees, if it's four degrees. It does not matter. Coach Belichick is making you go out on that practice field, and he's making you show up on time – even if there is a blizzard – at 7 a.m."

"Let me tell you this," Gronkowski continued. "If there is a little rain in Dallas, a little snow in Dallas, Jerry Jones comes out and says, 'oh, do you guys want to practice in the bubble today?'"

Gronk was right as Patriots defeated the Cowboys 13-9.