Rob Gronkowski Reveals Rare Photo Alongside His Mom Diane Walters

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski just finished his first season away from the NFL, and he now appears to be enjoying the change in his daily pace. One example of this was a photo that he recently posted on Instagram. Gronkowski showed himself and his mother, Diane Walters, in a tropical locale and enjoying the time among the flowers.

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"Picked out some beautiful flowers [flower emoji][flower emoji] for El Madre! She loved it! Correction—LA Madre! Gracias!!" Gronkowski wrote in the caption of the photo. Interestingly enough, he was not the only son to provide his thoughts.

"When you going to get Mom some matching shades?!" Chris Gronkowski wrote in the comments section. Glenn Gronkowski also chimed in, writing: "Hi mom!"

Rob may be the most famous member of his family, but he is not the only athlete with that last name. Walters raised five sons that played professional sports. Four of her sons, Dan, Chris, Rob, and Glenn, played in the NFL. Another son, Gordie Jr., played professional baseball.

With Gronkowski officially retiring from the NFL following Super Bowl LIII, an era came to an end for the mother of these star athletes. Walters no longer had to worry about any of her children getting injured on the field or dealing with other struggles that come with being a professional athlete.

"Following my five sons through their sports careers for 31 years, it feels like I've retired too," Walters said, per the Fort Myers News-Press. "If I took all of my sons' careers individually and multiply it by five, it's like 130 years."

That being said, Walters does not anticipate her time watching football as being over. Gronkowski and his brothers may not play in the NFL anymore, but there will likely be more children bearing this surname to suit up in the future. The family genes make it appear more likely.

"I don't think it will fully set in until August when there's no more football for my sons," Walters said in 2019. "But it will start all over again with the grandchildren, so there's plenty to look forward to for everyone."


While Walters waits for the grandchildren to suit up and become future NFL stars, she will enjoy the extra time with Rob and his siblings. Although it has not been determined if she will be getting matching sunglasses just yet.

Photo Credit: Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic/Getty