Rob Gronkowski to Host Super Bowl Party in Miami

Rob Gronkowski is returning to the Super Bowl. However, he's not going to be playing for the New England Patriots or any NFL team because he's still retired. So what will Gronk be doing in Miami? He will be hosting his first Super Bowl party on Saturday, Feb. 1 and it will be called "GRONK BEACH." The former Patriots tight end made the announcement on Tuesday morning and it will be a combination of a party and music festival.

"I may not be playing the game this year, but I will still be going to Miami and I'm going to be debuting my very own music festival and its Gronk Beach," Gronkowski said per Fox News. "I mean, you can't ask for any other situation that better than that. Bring some wildness, some fun, to bring a music festival to Miami and not just on top of Miami, at the Super Bowl. It's really never been done like that before."

Gronkowski has recruited a number of top-name artists to perform, such as Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Diplo, Carnage and Kaskade. According to the official website, "GRONK BEACH" will take place at the "gorgeous oceanside location on historic Collins Ave in Miami Beach."

"We'll be partying with everyone," Gronkowski said. "We'll be partying on stage, we'll be high-fiving everyone. We'll be interacting with the crowd. It's just going to be a great overall fun themed party where it just brings entertainment and joy to people's lives."

"Whoever is going to be playing that game, who isn't going to want to be at the party?" Gronkowski continued. "So that might be the game. The game might be facing off behind the stage that weekend."


This was the big announcement Gronkowski had previously teased on Monday. Some fans thought was he was going to announce to return to the NFL. However, he has made it clear that he's enjoying the retired life and he has no plans of coming back anytime soon.

"No. I'm very satisfied where I am at," he said on WEEI's The Greg Hill Show back in October. "I say it all the time, I would have never left the game if I was going to be itching every single day. I've said that before many times too. I had that thought, too, would I be missing it? I just knew that it needed to be done. I'm very satisfied where I am at."