Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend Camille Kostek Reveals Leggy Shots While 'Trying to Get His Attention on Football Sunday'

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has plenty of time to watch football on Sundays since he's retired from the NFL. However, his girlfriend, Camille Kostek, has a way to distract him from spending all day watching football. On Instagram, Kostek revealed two photos where she is wearing a jacket and not much else while showing off her legs. In the caption, Kostek wrote: "trying to get his attention on football Sunday."

Fans seem to love the photos of Kostek. One person wrote: "My hubby would love this w a golf putter in my hand!"

"Slayyyyyyyyy girl! Love it!" another person added.

"I'm trying to pay attention to football," another Instagram user wrote. "This is not helping!"

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"Margot Robbie vibes," another person stated.

Gronk most certainly has the attention of Kostek, as they have been together for nearly five years. There are fans who speculate that Gronkowski could return to the NFL because he left at a young age (29). But Kostek made it clear that the former All-Pro tight end is done playing football.

"He's said like a hundred times that he's not coming back but everybody still asks, so, I don't know what to tell you any more!" Kostek said to TMZ, before adding that "he's done" after they persisted with inquiring if he'd be in a uniform next year.

Gronkowski played for the Patriots for nine years and he helped the team win three Super Bowls during that span. Back in December, Gronkowski was asked the reason for calling it a career.

"I just wasn't feeling like myself anymore," Gronkowski said in an interview with CBS News. "That's basically the main reason. The lifestyle caught up to me and I was just fighting my way through the last two years. It wasn't enjoyable anymore. I just knew that's when it's time to go – and walk away."

The Patriots could have used him as they struggled on offense towards the end of the year. The team finished with a 12-4 record and won the AFC East, but they fell to the Tennessee Titans in the wild card round of the playoffs.


Could Gronk be asked to return next year? It could depend on what happens with Tom Brady who will be a free agent in March. If Brady joins a new team, don't be surprised if Gronk joins him assuming that he would return to the NFL.