Rob Gronkowski Admits Tom Brady 'Definitely Deserves the Opportunity' to Test Free Agency

Rob Gronkowski has some interesting thoughts on the future of Tom Brady. Gronkowski is currently in Miami for Super Bowl LIV, where he was asked about his former New England Patriots teammate. Brady is scheduled to be a free agent in March and there's no indication he will be back with the Patriots next season.

"He's been playing for so long, and just the way that he's been playing, the level he's been playing at, he definitely deserves an opportunity to go out there and test the market," Gronkowski said, according to NESN.

"You've never done it before in your career," the Fox Sports personality added. "He's going to be a free agent for the first time ever so good for him, go test out the market and then do what's best for himself. That's the decision that he has to make, what's best for himself, what's best for his family."

Staying with the Patriots might be the best move for Brady since he's been with the team for 20 years. But the six-time Super Bowl champion seems open to play for another team if it comes down to that.

"I'm open-minded about the process," Brady said in his weekly interview with Westwood One radio. "At the same time, I love playing football and I want to continue to play and do a great job. I'm looking forward to what's ahead. Whatever the future may bring, I'll embrace it with open arms."

When he Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans in the wild-card round of the playoffs, many were wondering if Brady would retire. He went to Instagram to announce he will be playing this fall.

"In both life and football, failure is inevitable," Brady wrote on Instagram. "You don't always win. You can, however, learn from that failure, pick yourself up with great enthusiasm, and place yourself in the arena again. And that's right where you will find me. Because I know I still have more to prove."


If Brady does sign with another team, NFL fans will have to adjust to it because they are used to seeing him in Patriots colors. Gronkowski admits that it would take some time to get used to seeing Brady in different colors if he's not back in New England.

"It's always strange, no matter who the player is," Gronkowski said. "It's always strange at first, but you know, everyone gets used to it after a little bit, but it would definitely be strange."