Jets Rookie Quinnen Williams Breaks the Internet Recreating Popular Memes

Former Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams headed to the nation's biggest market when the New York Jets selected him third overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. So far, the spotlight has not been too overwhelming for the rookie and his big personality. Williams proved this on Wednesday when video surfaced of him helping Adam Lefkoe of Bleacher Report recreate some of the most popular memes from social media.

In a segment called Ditch the Playbook, Williams joined Lefkoe at the B/R headquarters in New York in an effort to break the internet. In order to achieve this goal, Lefkoe put the Jets rookie in front of a green screen and had him act out several memes, including Kermit the Frog sipping tea and Eddie Murphy tapping his head.

Williams may not have known all of the people that inspired this segment, such as Chris Farley, but he didn't shy away from any of the outfits. He even dressed up like Oprah Winfrey.

To take this exercise over the top, B/R even released these recreated memes as Gifs for public use. Williams dressing as Oprah can now be posted on Twitter, as well as Instagram, but he wasn't limited to those memes shown in the released behind the scenes footage. Williams actually recreated many more, including one from The Office.

For fans of the Alabama product, this latest turn in Williams' career is just the natural progression. The young Jets defender has been accidentally creating memes of his own since becoming eligible for the NFL Draft. The perfect evidence of this is Williams sneezing, blessing himself, and then thanking himself during an interview. This moment went viral and only led to a later press conference moment in which Williams accidentally said he would be "playing with himself" when discussing Madden 20.


Based on these moments, as well as his early draft status, there is no denying that Williams has become a prominent figure in the New York area. The hope when he was selected by the Jets was that he would transform this defensive line into one of the league's best. This technically hasn't happened yet due to an opening-day ankle injury that will likely keep Williams out of action until the week five battle with the Philadelphia Eagles.

If the youngster can make a return to the field and make an immediate impact on this defense, it's guaranteed that Twitter will be filled with Wiliams memes.