PETA Wants University of Georgia to Remove Live Mascot Uga and Bulldogs Fans Lose It

The University of Georgia has one of the most recognizable mascots in all of sports which is an English bulldog named Uga X. Fans love it when they see Uga at the football games to cheer on the Bulldogs. However, PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants the school to no longer have Uga X as its mascot. The organization went to Twitter on Tuesday and asked the school to retire the mascot because it thinks the dog is being mistreated.

That led to a ton a Bulldogs fans firing back at PETA. One fan wrote, " Texas A&M's beautiful collie, recently enjoyed her 6th birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I think the mascot dogs are faring just fine. Better than most people I'd say. Most of us men spend our fair share of time in the doghouse anyway!

Another fan let PETA know that Uga X is doing just fine, the Twitter user wrote, "His loving family is standing in the rain right outside his air conditioned dog house. 90,000+ of his extended family are cheering for him outside that dog house. Also in the rain. But you're right. Poor boy."

Even a Florida Gators fan chimed in and thought PETA was wrong for this take. The fan wrote, "Gator fan, this dog is definitely not miserable and lives like a king. Definitely better than any of your animals are treated with your 90% kill ratio. Keep reaching tho peta, maybe one day people will agree with you."

More fans went after PETA with either videos or more points about how Uga X is really treated. So it based on the fans, PETA won't get its wish.


The English bulldog has been the live mascot for UGA since the 1950s. Because of the history behind Uga, fans will line up to take pictures with the bulldog and Sports Illustrated named Uga the best mascot in college football history.