Paul Rudd Reveals 'Traumatic' and Hilarious Childhood Visit to Steelers' Locker Room

Actor Paul Rudd may be one of the biggest Kansas City Chiefs fans in Hollywood, but he hasn't always been associated with this Midwest team. At one point, he was actually a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and was given the opportunity to meet quarterback Terry Bradshaw and some of the players from the 1970s team. Although this did lead to a very traumatic moment in which he saw his favorite players naked.

During a recent appearance on Conan, Rudd described a time in which he was taken to a game at Three Rivers Stadium by someone that worked with his dad. As it turns out, this man had ties to Bradshaw and was able to get Rudd into the locker room so he could meet Mean Joe Greene, as well as many other stars.

Rudd was excited for this moment, but he was certainly not prepared for the sheer amount of nakedness on display.

"And it was the most incredible thing," Rudd said, "because I walked in, and they were all just naked. I'm about nine years old, and just Mean Joe Greene's d— and butt [go] right past my face, which is just traumatic. But I met Bradshaw, Bradshaw was so nice, and he was just having a conversation with me. And he was just in a jockstrap. I don't think I even knew what a jockstrap was."

As Rudd explained, this experience was wonderful, but it also created some mental issues when he watched future Steelers' games. Essentially, it was similar to seeing a dead body. He just couldn't get that image out of his mind. Only in this instance, it was actually naked Terry Bradshaw. This put a very different spin on big moments and Super Bowl appearances.

Technically, Rudd hasn't interacted with Bradshaw since this moment from his childhood, but he still pictures the former Steelers quarterback naked every time he sees him on TV. Granted, many fans of Sarah Jessica Parker have seen Bradshaw's backside on full display in the movie Failure to Launch, but Rudd's experience was considerably different.

What's interesting is that Rudd is keeping the streak alive, so to speak. As a diehard Chiefs fan now, he has gained access to the locker room on many occasions. He has used this perk to introduce his young son to some of his favorite players, and he has done so in the locker room. This also means that Rudd's son has seen some members of the Chiefs in their natural state.


This is certainly an interesting way for a father and son to bond over sporting events, but there is no doubt that it will create lasting memories.

Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty