Paige Trolls WWE Fans With 'Plastic Surgery' Photo

Paige recently posted a filtered photo of herself, leading to fans believe she had plastic [...]

Paige recently posted a filtered photo of herself, leading to fans believe she had plastic surgery. The former WWE Superstar went to Twitter to post a fake photo of her with a completely new face. A good amount of fans didn't realize the photo was altered.

"Wow way too much Botox!!!" one fan wrote. "You don't need it at all, you are gorgeous and amazing without that crap!!!" Another fan wrote: "s this really paige, ewwww not hot no more wtf." There were fans who pointed out that Paige used a filter to make her look a certain way. She went to Twitter to call out the people with the rude comments.

"So many of you believed the filter pic below was real," she wrote. "You were all SO SO cruel I can't believe how you treat people you don't know... but also thanks for the content because I read all your dumb ass tweets out on my stream." With Paige having a huge following on social media, it leads to some fans attack her for no reason. But Paige is able to dust off the comments since she has had an amazing journey to where she is today. Paige's story is so fascinating that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson produced a movie about her life called Fighting with My Family.

"I remember it was the day before RAW [in] 2014 (when Paige won the Divas Championship)," Paige said in an interview with Muscle and Fitness. "He sat me down and said he'd watched the documentary, fell in love with my family, and wanted to do a movie on it. It blew my mind, and I just started crying instantly. And then he said, "Oh, and tomorrow you're going to debut and you're going to win the Divas Championship" — kinda like what happens in the movie. And I started crying even more. Then he was like, "But don't tell anyone yet."

Paige, 28, is a big reason why the WWE is currently in a Women's Evolution era. She became the first NXT Women's Champion and won the Divas Championship on her main roster debut. Paige's WWE career was cut short when she injured her neck in 2017 and retired in 2018.