Paige Spiranac Defends Justin Thomas After He Was Caught Using Homophobic Slur

Paige Spiranac is showing support for Justin Thomas. On Twitter, Spiranac responded to the fan who backed Thomas after using a homophobic slur during a recent golf tournament. The Twitter user wrote: "You want hot mic’s this is what you get. Raw emotion. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Don’t watch if you get triggered by everything."

In response to the tweet, Spiranac wrote: "You can give raw emotion without being racist or homophobic. There are certain words that should not be said or tolerated. He should not be canceled and I’m glad he apologized. But no one should ever defend the word he used."

Another Twitter user wrote: "He said a bad word directed at nobody in a heated moment. He shouldn’t have said it but trying to draw conclusions on who he is as a person is nuts. If someone is that deeply offended by this, that’s an issue in itself." Spiranac saw this and wrote that the person is no right to tell anyone how to react to one world.

"As a straight man you have no right to say it’s not offensive," she wrote. "No one is trying to cancel him but that word is offensive and should NEVER be used. End of discussion." Thomas said the slur during the third round of the Sentry Tournament of Champions. According to Golf Digest, Thomas missed a six-foot par putt on the fourth hole. He uttered the word f—t to himself but could be heard on the Golf Channel's telecast.'


"I screwed up," Thomas told Golf Digest. "I have to be better. I will be better. I deeply apologize to everybody and anybody who was offended." After the round, Thomas said he was unaware he said it but added it's not an excuse.

“It’s embarrassing. That’s not me and it’s inexcusable,” he said. "There’s no excuse. I’m an adult and there’s no place for that. It doesn’t matter who you are, no one’s above that. I have no excuse." Thomas, 27, has put together a strong career. He finished tied for eighth in the U.S. Open in 2020 and was named PGA Player of the Year after winning two tournaments. His best year is 2017 as he won the PGA Championship and the FedEx Cup Championship.