Olivia Munn Confused by Washington Redskins Fans Who Are Offended Over Name Change

Washington's NFL franchise announced on Monday the long-awaited name and mascot change, saying that the team would never again use the term "Redskins." Actor Olivia Munn saw the reactions to this news, and she responded with considerable confusion. She revealed a previous lack of knowledge about people supporting the controversial name.

Munn tweeted an animated Gif on Monday that showed someone looking confused. She expressed surprise about the uproar from a particular portion of the fanbase, throwing some shade along the way. Munn referred to the NFL team's now-former name as racist, which made her opinion on the change clear. She also reposted a clip from The Daily Show about the Washington franchise and responses to its name.

"it's the same folk that get mad when we tear down monuments of known racists/slaveowners. people so obsessed with their 'history' and 'culture' that they choose to look past the ingrained hatred of said values," one person commented. Several others weighed in and said that the people upset about the name change need to focus on far more essential issues.

Several Twitter users reacted strongly to the pending name change after Washington's announcement. They said that the NFL is "selling out" and that it's time to "cancel" the cancel culture. President Donald Trump also criticized the change by saying that 90 percent of the Native American community "are not offended" by the team's name.

"On July 3, we announced the commencement of a thorough review of the team's name," Washington stated in a press release. It goes on to say, "Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upcoming completion of this review." The team did not officially unveil the new identity, only saying that team owner Daniel Snyder and coach Ron Rivera are working closely to develop a new design.


The Washington NFL franchise began with a different name in 1932. The team took the field as the Boston Braves before switching to "Redskins" in 1933. The group later moved to Washington, D.C., in 1937, ultimately winning three Super Bowls in the following decades. Now the team will look toward a future and a return to the playoffs for the first time since 2015. They will do so with a new name and logo on the jerseys, as well as a new mascot on the sidelines.