Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Gets Tattoo in Honor of Favorite NFL Team

Backstreet's back, and so are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At least, that's what Nick Carter believes, as evidenced by his new ink. Friday afternoon, one of the best-known members of the Backstreet Boys revealed on Twitter that he had taken the extra step to showcase his fandom. He underwent the needle and came away with a massive Buccaneers tattoo on his upper arm.

Getting a tattoo to showcase love for a favorite team is nothing new, but Carter took it one step further with the caption. There is no doubt in his mind that the Buccaneers are back from the basement of the NFC South and will be contending for an appearance in the playoffs.

"I guess you can say in honor of the team that EVERYONE IS SLEEPING ON! I’ve decided to commemorate the year that we made it back to being contenders. I’m calling it NOW!" Carter wrote on Twitter alongside a string of hashtags, among the likes of NFL Playoffs, playoff bound, the lyric to one of their iconic songs, "Oh my God, we're back again," and Captain Bruce. The hashtag "Captain Bruce" refers to the recent hiring of head coach Bruce Arians, who once led the Arizona Cardinals to the brink of a Super Bowl appearance.

What's interesting is that this tattoo sparked a debate with NFL analyst Peter Schrager, who co-hosts "Good Morning Football" on NFL Network. Schrager questioned the decision to get a Bucs tattoo, and Carter's response generated a very fascinating wager. The crooner said that if the Buccaneers miss the playoffs, he will get an NFL Network tattoo. However, if Arians does lead his team back to the postseason, Carter wants Schrager to get a Backstreet Boys tattoo.


As someone that doesn't partake in tattoos, Schrager countered with a new wager. He said that if the Buccaneers win their division and reach the playoffs, he would sing any Backstreet Boys song that Carter chooses. To up the ante, Schrager will do so during an episode of Good Morning Football while wearing a throwback Vinny Testaverde Buccaneers jersey.

As of Friday afternoon, Carter has accepted the deal, which makes this Buccaneers season far more fascinating. Will a member of the Backstreet Boys have a new NFL Network tattoo at the end of the season, or will an NFL analyst try to sing "I Want It That Way" in front of a national audience?