NFL Fan Impresses With Picture-Perfect Drew Brees Costume

With Halloween only days away, the stands of various NFL stadiums were filled with representations of superheroes, referees, and other unique characters. However, there were also some NFL players represented by the various costumes. One fan even showed off an extremely accurate depiction of New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

In a photo posted by Barstool Sports on Instagram, there was one Saints fan that dressed up as Brees on Sunday, and he did so by perfectly nailing every detail. This individual had the home jersey covering shoulder pads, the accurate haircut, and the birthmark on the right side of Brees' face.

Considering that this fan resembles Brees without the costume in place, it's entirely possible that he tricked more than one person while out celebrating.

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As it turns out, the timing of this costume was downright perfect given that Brees was returning to the starting lineup for the first time in nearly six weeks. After undergoing surgery on to repair a torn ligament in his thumb and missing five straight games, there was a mix of excitement and trepidation as he returned from something that carried a recovery time of 6-8 weeks.

"I know the thought would be, why don't you just wait until after the bye week, everything seems to be going well, right? So why take the chance? [But] I'm a football player, you know?" Brees said, per Katherine Terrell of The Athletic.

"And like I said, just that gratitude that came over me right before the game is just that, I'm blessed to play this game, and I love this game, and I love my teammates. I love being with them. I love going on the field with them. That was my motivating factor through this whole thing: Get back so I can be healthy, so I can play for those guys."

There appeared to be no issues during the battle in New Orleans as Brees threw for a season-high 373 yards and three touchdowns. Despite wearing a brace on his thumb and occasionally fidgeting with the digit on the sidelines, Brees appeared to suffer no ill effects of his early return.


With the first step taken care of, Brees and his thumb will head into the bye week with a 7-1 record and the lead in the NFC South. Upon the return in week 10, this team will be set up to continue the winning streak and potentially lock up a top spot in the NFC postseason.

(Photo Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty)