NFC Championship: Lil' Jon Performs Halftime Show at 49ers vs. Packers and Fans Have Thoughts

While not at the same level as the Super Bowl, the NFL Playoffs and its conference championship round are a spectacle. As a result, there's much fanfare to the event outside the game. The San Francisco 49ers hosted the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday and featured a halftime performance headlined by Lil' Jon, who celebrated his 48th birthday on Jan. 17.

The rapper is an Atlanta native who has previously done events with the NFL, including a halftime performance for the Detroit Lions previously and filming spots for the league in various capacities. The 49ers announced his inclusion during their upcoming game on Friday.

As is the case during many halftime events, viewers shared many differing opinions of the musical act.

"I’ve always felt like halftime concerts are weird and this Lil Jon halftime performance really fits the bill on that take," one user wrote on Twitter.

The majority of those at the stadium seemed to approve of the show, as one account noted, "This stadium is all the way up right now and Lil Jon is on with the halftime show... this is amazing."

"Lil Jon just crushed it at halftime," another tweet read.

During his performance, Lil Jon took a second to get the fans even more hyped, telling the crowd that Let's go to Miami y'all!" This is in reference to Super Bowl LIV being held in the South Florida city.

Some, though, were upset that FOX did not air the performance for the at-home viewers to see.

Before the game, Lil Jon posted a video on his Twitter sending a good luck to the hometown squad.

"What up, it's your boy Lil' Jon live from Levi Stadium, it's going down today. Go Niners. Yeah!"


Leading up to his performance, the crowd was already in good spirits as the 49ers took a commanding 27-0 lead into the locker room. Before the game began, the 49ers also had another throwback performer as the I'll Make Love to You band, Boyz II Men, took part in the singing of the national anthem.

"Wow!! They had Boy II Men and Lil Jon perform tonight’s game? Either they new millennials artists are just TRASH or already booked or the old rappers was a cheap deal," one user questioned.