NBA's DeMar DeRozan Makes Massive Donation to USC Athletic Department, Pays for Weight Room

DeMar DeRozen, a former first-round pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, just went above and beyond for his college. He made a massive donation to USC — the school he attended for one year — which provided the funds to renovate the weight room. The Galen Center now features brand-new equipment and technology.

USC's Athletic Department revealed the new look on Thursday with an in-depth video. Multiple staff members explained that they wanted to make some significant changes to accommodate more athletes. Specifically, they needed to ensure that some of the taller athletes could work out. With DeRozen's donation, the university could replace the shorter squat racks and other machines with much larger versions.

"The biggest thing we tried to accomplish with this new room, new look, new flow, is functionality," said Josh Heidegger, strength and conditioning director for Olympic sports. "Open space, more space to work, more versatility, and I feel like we got that accomplished." The strength coaches continued and explained that some of the athletes are 7-feet-1-inch or taller and now they can use all of the equipment in the weight room thanks to DeRozen.

As the video showed, the Galen Center features new pull-up bars, a massive assortment of dumbbells and new barbells. The athletes also have access to premium Sorinex racks and bumper weights. To make the space even more special for the athletes, DeRozen's funds also paid for new lighting, iPads and a sound system to provide crucial workout music.

"Wow! Laying the foundation for future greatness. Hand salute!" one fan commented on Twitter. Several fans expressed praise for DeRozen after seeing his gift and said that he has now reached "GOAT status." Others simply said that the NBA player is a legend due to him assisting future generations of stars.


The donation comes at the perfect time for USC's football team. The PAC-12 season begins on Nov. 7, and the Trojans will host the Sun Devils of Arizona State in the first game. The players can prepare for the battle while utilizing the new equipment in the weight room.

A four-time All-Star selection, DeRozen just finished his second season with the Spurs. He spent the first nine years of his career with the Toronto Raptors and started 663 games for the Texas franchise. However, the team traded DeRozen to the Spurs in July 2018.