NASCAR's Matt DiBenedetto Says He's Competing in His Underwear for iRacing Contest

NASCAR's Pro Invitational Series continued on Sunday with the O'Reilly 125. Several competitors set up their "iRacing" rigs and headed to the digital version of the Texas Motor Speedway. One driver, however, did so while wearing a lack of clothing.

Matt DiBenedetto, who drives the No. 21 Ford Mustang for Woods Brothers Racing, posted a photo on Twitter prior to the start time. He was standing in front of his three-monitor setup and preparing for the O'Reilly 125. As the picture showed, DiBenedetto was wearing only a pair of underwear. This was something that he has apparently always dreamed of doing, and the Pro Invitational Series was providing the opportunity.

"Ok somebody please take Matt's phone away," fellow Cup Series driver Alex Bowman wrote in response. Daniel Suarez, who is also competing on Sunday, wrote on Instagram that he feels "bad for those tight underwear amigo."

Many others chimed in and said that this quarantine needs to end very soon. They were worried that DiBenedetto would be debuting even odder outfits in the coming weeks. Although one Twitter account had some fun photoshopping DiBenedetto into various scenarios.

Adapting to the digital tracks has been a unique experience for the Cup Series drivers, as well as retired competitors, but they have been expressing their enjoyment on social media. Bowman, in particular, has been having a lot of fun interacting with his fans on social media while eating Uncrustables. Although he has reportedly been taking the competition less seriously than his fellow drivers.

Bowman has two dogs, and he has been attempting to teach them each to drive on his "iRacing" setup. This effort has led to multiple crashes, as well as one of his dogs being banned from driving. Bowman joked that he was not taking this series quite as seriously as the actual Cup Series, but many of his fans believed he was playing mind games. They even chose him to be the eventual winner of the O'Reilly 125.

Whether or not Bowman won, many viewers were simply happy that he was dressed for the occasion. Only one scantily-clad competitor could be allowed at one time, and DiBenedetto had already filled that role.

(Photo Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)