NASCAR Suspends Joey Logano Crew Member After Denny Hamiln Throwdown on Pit Road

A crew member of Joey Logano's NASCAR team has been suspended by the league for his involvement in a fight with Denny Hamlin. On Sunday after both Logan and Hamlin finished the race at Martinsville Speedway, the two got into each other's faces and Logano shoved Hamlin. That led to Hamlin going after Logano, but Logano's crew member, Dave Nichols Jr., put Hamlin down on the ground before and the fight was then broken up. Nichols, who is a tire specialist for Logano's team, is suspended for one race.

Logano's crew chief, Todd Gordon, was recently on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio and he explained what really happened.

"The direction that our organization has is separate drivers," Gordon said Monday via NBC Sports. "We don't want to have drivers beating on each other.

"Unfortunately, in this situation that happened there, the separation was with too much power afterwards and I don't think the crew member … he was trying to separate the drivers and did so with probably more force than he anticipated and he's regretful of that."

Steve O'Donnell, NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer, explained why Nichols had to be punished for his actions.

"You had a crew member who, honestly, I don't think realized the force with which he made that move," O'Donnell said. "We have some light drivers and some big crew members and unfortunately that's what happens when those situations take place. I think they understand what's coming. It's not something we want to see or encourage but we'll have to address."

Logano recently explained his side of the story and he regretted shoving Hamlin.

"I was frustrated about the situation obviously," Logano said via Autosport.

"I just really wanted to go over there to talk to him and get his side of the story on what happened, and he just said, 'I ran you up in the wall' basically. It wasn't as apologetic as I was looking for, and that probably escalated the situation too much. I shouldn't have shoved him. For all the kids watching, that wasn't the best thing to do."

Hamlin shared his thoughts on the incident and he said the shove is what set him off.

"It was a discussion. I understand him coming over and talking," said Hamlin.


"Standing there and having a discussion with him, everything was fine and I think he didn't get me agitated enough, so he said something and then pokes a little bit and then runs away, trying to get me to come so he could hide behind his guys. "He's just not that tough. He won't stand face to face, and that's just his style."

We'll see if Logano and Hamlin can get along this weekend when they take part in the Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway.