Cleveland Browns 'Fan' Reportedly Punches Myles Garrett After Asking for Autograph

The Cleveland Browns have been struggling throughout the early portions of the 2019 season, and now it appears that some of the "fans" are taking their frustration out on the players. According to Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett, one man actually struck him during a recent interaction. Although it apparently did not have an effect.

"A 'fan' hopped out his car to take a picture with me and then punched me in my face," Garrett wrote on Twitter. "Hm, put your legs into it might have actually made me flinch."

As Garrett explained, he was in his car when the individual in question flagged him down and asked for the photo. The Browns defender rolled down his window enough for the camera to capture his face, which is when the man struck him. Of course, the hit came after the 'fan' took the photo.

While Garrett would have a case for being incredibly angry after receiving what was described as a "sucker-punch," the whole situation just appeared to amuse him. He even referred to the hit as more of a pillow tap, adding further evidence to his belief that the 'fan' did not put his weight into the hit.

Standing at 6-feet-4-inches and 272 pounds, Garrett is a man that not many people would opt to pick a fight with. The former first overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft is known for his imposing figure and the ability to chase down offensive players with ease. NFL Draft analyst Lance Zierlein even commented on Garrett's physique when he was creating his draft profile.

"Chiseled physique with functional strength, and not just beach muscles," Zierlein wrote in 2017. "Bigger than people think. Uber-athlete with spring-loaded hips and elite explosiveness. His first three steps can throw an offense into disarray. "

With size, power, and quickness, Garrett would have had no issues chasing down the "fan" after the alleged punching incident. This is a man that ran a 4.64-second 40-yard dash at 272 pounds, which is a feat that most 180-pound civilians can not recreate.

With these aforementioned spring-loaded hips, Garrett has made a career out of chasing down the quarterback. In his first two seasons, he tallied 20.5 sacks, including 13.5 in 2018. Garrett has added another nine to start the 2019 season, along with one forced fumble.


The Browns may only be 2-4 after dropping their most recent game to the Seattle Seahawks, but Garrett has been striving to keep this team competitive. Now he has another source of motivation.

Photo Credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire/Getty