Meet Stephanie Acevedo, Antonio Brown's Possible New Love Interest and 'Cartel Crew' Star

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown recently revealed that he was cozying up to a new person amid his public split with Chelsie Kyriss. He posted multiple photos of him with Cartel Crew star, Stephanie Acevedo, during a recording session at his Miami home. However, users were intrigued by Brown's hand placement, which was resting on Acevedo's backside.

Of course, this revelation led many to ask questions about this mysterious figure. Who is Acevedo? Why was she at Brown's house? Is she an actress, a model, or a musician? The questions continued as users stumbled across Brown's Instagram profile.

The answer is not as simple as many hoped. The Miami-born Acevedo partially came to prominence for some people due to her role on Cartel Crew, as well as having a father that was a notorious drug smuggler. However, she has also been known for singing, as well as modeling.

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Acevedo has been signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money label since 2015 after turning heads by releasing cover songs. She has since been featured as a backup singer on Lil Wayne's 2015 song, Crystal Ball. She also released a video for her song, Acércate.

These musical pursuits actually came after Acevedo graduated from Miami Dade College's medical program. She did not pursue a medical career. Instead, she worked as a model and a ring girl in MMA promotions for Championship Fighting Alliance.

Acevedo has been working with Brown in recent weeks, providing guest vocals on his upcoming album. Per videos posted on his Instagram Stories, the singer has been spending a lot of time at the house in Miami and working in the room that has been converted to a music studio.

According to her Instagram profile, Acevedo also revealed that she will be featured in the first music video for the former NFL receiver. Clips surfaced on Saturday afternoon that showed the pair dancing together at Brown's home while a camera crew captured footage for the video.


For many users on social media, this appearance in the music video was just the latest confirmation that Brown has moved on from Kyriss and is embracing a new relationship after a short span of time. That has not been verified, but there are many that believe Brown will provide an answer in the coming days.

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