McKayla Maroney Finds a New Place After Moving in With Family Following Dad's Death

McKayla Maroney, a former Olympic gymnast, shared the news with her fans in January 2019 that her father, Mike Maroney, had passed away at the age of 59. She made the decision at the time to move in with her mom and siblings to be closer to them, but now her situation is changing. Maroney revealed that she has found a new home.

The former gymnast posted a photo on Saturday afternoon and revealed that she had moved. She said that her fans would notice a "new background" in her upcoming posts. Maroney also explained that she has been "pretty stressed out" lately and that she wants to be productive with her thoughts and emotions. Some fans had seemingly noticed the fancy new backsplash in a previous post about the NBA Draft, and Maroney confirmed their suspicions with her life update.

Maroney previously revealed some new information about her father's death in March. She posted multiple videos and discussed transitioning from an Olympic-level athlete to working on her music career. Maroney then provided details about her father's death, which she hadn't shared with anyone prior. She revealed that he had been trying to detox in a hotel when he passed away.

"In short, my dad, we found out he was addicted to pain pills," Maroney said in her Stories. "I didn't know this. He went to a hotel randomly one day and was like 'I'm going to quit.' And we were like 'What? What?' His best friend took him, and he died trying to detox, quit from pain pills. He could have just gone to a rehab place and done it right. He didn't and he passed away."

While she remained in quarantine with her family, Maroney spent considerable time working on her music career. She partnered with JIG LeFrost for "Covid Lockdown", which she revealed in April with posts on Instagram and Twitter. Maroney said she originally wrote the tune as a joke, but quickly realized that it could help others during their time in self-quarantine. The song made her laugh and she hoped that it would do the same for others. The fans responded by proclaiming that the song was "fire."


"new music in bio. [to be honest] i wrote covid lockdown as a joke, but everytime i listen to it, it makes me laugh, and i think we could all use a laugh right now ... i love u guys [so much]!! wish i had words to make things better. hopefully music helps a little," Maroney wrote in the caption of her now-deleted Instagram post.