Maurkice Pouncey Does Not Regret Hitting Myles Garrett

Wednesday afternoon, Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey returned to his team after serving a two-game suspension. He was absent from the roster after punching and kicking Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett as a part of an on-field brawl. While his actions may have resulted in both a fine and a suspension, the veteran in Pouncey has no regrets.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Pouncey said that he understood that a punishment needed to be handed down by the NFL following this altercation and that the fight didn't look good. However, that doesn't mean that he regrets his actions or would have changed anything if possible.

"No regrets," Pouncey said, per ESPN. "I've moved on now, man. Everyone had to pay their fines. Everyone had to do their due diligence. The money was worth it, trust me."

Following the incident between the AFC North rivals, Pouncey was suspended for three games and was fined $35,096. He joined the fight immediately after Garrett swung Mason Rudolph's helmet at the quarterback, clubbing him over the head and earning an indefinite suspension. Pouncey punched Garrett and then kicked him after the defender was knocked to the ground.

Pouncey was able to get the suspension reduced to only two games after he filed an official appeal. As he explained, he stopped fighting after the brawl ended. He didn't continue pursuing actions against other players. Additionally, he only went after one player, Garrett, instead of taking out his frustrations on Larry Ogunjobi or other members of the Cleveland Browns.

Interestingly enough, Pouncey received considerable support as he was serving out the two-game suspension. He kept busy by working out at gyms in the Pittsburgh area. On multiple occasions, fans would walk up and express their support by holding up a fist. They also said that they would have gotten in an extra punch or kick on Garrett if they had the opportunity.

Similarly, the players on the Steelers roster were very vocal in their support of Pouncey. Some players were "Free Pouncey" sweaters prior to Sunday's battle with the Browns. Team captain Cam Heyward even brought a game ball to Pouncey's house after winning the rematch.

The Steelers center appreciated the support from his teammates during the suspension, but he is now focused on the future. At 7-5, the Steelers can potentially secure a spot in the playoffs. Pouncey is ready to get back to work and help his team achieve this goal.


"I feel like this is the beginning of the year," Pouncey said. "I've got a lot of energy. We're going to see how things turn out today at practice. I know all the guys are excited. We've just got to stay humbled and focused."

Photo Credit: Kirk Irwin/Getty