Matthew Stafford's Wife Kelly Reveals Pre-Thanksgiving Boxing Workout

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, has battled through a brain tumor this year and it looks like she's getting better every day. And on Thanksgiving Eve, Stafford showed off her boxing skills when she shared an Instagram post that shows her working in the ring with her trainer. In the video, Stafford displays her quickness and in the caption, she wrote, "Screw turkey... working for alllll the sides." So she is more than ready to chow down on Thanksgiving after this workout.

Fans flooded her comments section and one fan had a question for Kelly when it comes to her boxing skills. One Instagram user asked, "How do you coordinate that!!??? Is he telling you what to punch? I just started boxing on heavy bags and those combos alone can be confusing. Nice work!"

Another fan was hurting after watching the video. The fan wrote, "Your rotation is insane - my obliques hurt just watching this. You're a badass!"

This fan showed a lot of love to Stafford after watching the video. The fan wrote, "Definitely killing it. I wish I had the time & funds to get trained like this."

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Stafford has come a long way from where she was earlier in the year. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in April had surgery that lasted for 12 hours. Last month, Stafford wrote about here experience for ESPN.


"Looking back, there were other moments over the past year where I was feeling 'off.' Like when I would show my girls how to do a front roll or twirl in ballet class, then immediately felt dizzy, or like I couldn't balance. I mean, those were things I had done my entire life, and suddenly they were difficult. Maybe I'm just aging, I had figured at the time. My mom quickly shot that down. I wasn't even 30," Stafford wrote.

It looks like Stafford is going to be okay as she looks ready to take on anything and everything based on her boxing video. But while she's getting healthier, the same can't be said about her husband who is dealing with a back injury. Matthew Stafford has already missed three games and it looks like he could miss three more which would likely end his 2019 season.