Major Update on 'Luchador' Wrestling TV Show

Diego Gutierrez is set to bring the world of Mexican wrestling to small screens with Luchador. Now the character drama series has a company to help make the show a reality. Gutierrez partnered with Alcon Television, a division of Alcon Entertainment.

According to Deadline, Luchador is a "character-driven action drama about a fictional, Lucha Libre-inspired city run by colorful gangs of Mexican Wrestlers at the brink of tyranny, and the unlikely young wrestler who becomes its champion and savior, both inside and outside the ring." Gutierrez will write the series and will also serve as an executive producer. Alcon Television Group's Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson and Ben Roberts will join him as executive producers. Roberts originally brought the project to Alcon.

Gutierrez previously worked as a writer and executive producer on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and Syfy Networks' Warehouse 13. He also filled the same roles on Paramount Network's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is best known as the creator and executive producer on the Spanish-language Netflix series Monarca.

"We are thrilled to work with Diego in this exciting world he has envisioned for these rich characters," said Kosove and Johnson, per Deadline. "Creatively we see this as ripe ground for many types of stories in many different mediums." The company did not provide any dates about the upcoming production schedule.

This is the second Luchador-inspired series that will head to small screens. The Disney Channel recently gave a cast-contingent pilot order for a luchador-themed series called Ultra Violet & Blue Demon. This series will star professional wrestler and Mexican luchador Blue Demon Jr. He will also serve as an executive producer on the project alongside Pokémon Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit.


According to the synopsis, the project centers on 13-year-old Violet, the niece of Demon Jr. She is "stunned" to discover that a magical luchador mask has chosen her to be the successor to her uncle, who is actually a superhero. Demon Jr. will play himself in the series. "Violet will now begin her own secret superhero training, all while having to navigate the universal ups and downs of coming-of-age while keeping her new alter-ego a secret," it read.

The project is currently in pre-production while the search for an actress to play Ultra Violet continues. Once this role is filled, production will take place in Los Angeles. Alejandro Damiani (ASYLUM: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales) will direct the series while Dan Carrillo Levy, Eugenio Villamar, and Jorge Castro will co-executive produce.