LSU Players Threatened With Arrest for Smoking in Locker Room Following Championship Win

The LSU Tigers won the College Football Playoff Championship on Monday night and while they were celebrating in the locker room, they got a surprise warning from a police officer. According to, one officer noticed the players smoking cigars in the locker room and told them to stop. In fact, the officer announced that any players smoking cigars would be subject to arrest. When the players who were holding cigars heard this, they started smiling and walking away. However, it was reported the cop wasn't smiling and he was serious.

The good news for the players is nobody got arrested and the party continued. One of the players seen smoking was quarterback, Joe Burrow who threw five touchdown passes in LSU's 42-25 win over the Clemson Tigers. There were some negative reactions from social media when they saw the players smoking cigars, but with the team putting in a lot of work the past year, they weren't going to be punished by the school or get arrested.

"The team had a rule all season, no barrooms, be disciplined, take care of your business, and for the most part they did that," LSU head coach Ed Orgeron said on Tuesday via 247Sports. "I hope they learned life lessons, how to persevere, how to pull together as a team, how to work without egos, how to pull for each other, how to fight when we're down."

"I don't know, a couple scores last night, we didn't blink, and how to believe in each other. What a tremendous testament to our football team. I was so proud of everybody that wore the purple and gold. We had a lot of guys in the dressing room last night that were proud of our football team, proud of the state of Louisiana, and we're happy."


LSU has now won four national championships in the school's history and three has those championships have come in the last 16 years. The question now is can the Tigers repeat?

"Yeah, I think this is a team for the ages, especially how prolific we were on offense, and to have that type of quarterback that we have, to go 15-0 and to beat the teams that we beat, all the top teams that we played, we beat them, obviously," Orgeron said when asked about the 2019 Tigers. "We had a tremendous schedule. We answered the bell. These guys didn't blink. We didn't have a bad game. We played 15 good football games, and this is going to be hard to beat."