LSU QB Joe Burrow Says He Received Real Money From Odell Beckham Jr.

Monday night, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. turned heads when he was spotted handing out stacks of cash to LSU players. The university later said that the money was fake, but fans on social media were not convinced. LSU's quarterback, Joe Burrow has since weighed in and said that he received real money.

Speaking with "Pardon My Take" on Wednesday, the Heisman Trophy-winning QB said that he had been given some cash from Beckham. He didn't touch on the stacks that were handed to receiver Justin Jefferson or defensive back Jontre Kirklin.

"I'm not a student-athlete anymore so I can say it, yeah," Burrow responded when asked about the money. He also said that some of the players went out on the town to celebrate with former LSU stars and that he didn't remember most of the evening.

"It was a joke," LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson about Beckham's money on Tuesday. "The bills were fake bills." Munson did later say that LSU would actually be investigating the incident to determine if the money was, in fact, real or fake.

Beckham provided a different gift to the team prior to the National Championship, sending a pair of Beats headphones to every player on the roster. This was reportedly cleared through the NCAA and was allowed.

Handing out cash, on the other hand, is against NCAA amateur athlete rules and by-laws 12. These extensive rules prevent any amateur players from receiving a salary or pay of any kind due to their exploits on the field. In addition, the players can not receive game bonuses or any comparable money.

Jefferson will likely not have to worry about this issue considering that he is expected to be entering the NFL Draft and will not be under the jurisdiction of the NCAA. Although the organization could still fine LSU.

The wide receiver has not declared for the draft just yet but could be making the decision in the coming days. If he does opt to leave after a 1,500-yard season, he will not have to worry about any repercussions of accepting money from the Browns wide receiver. Staying in Baton Rouge, however, would put him under scrutiny along with his teammates.


The reigning Heisman Trophy winner in Burrow doesn't have these concerns anymore. His college career is over, and he will be heading to the NFL Draft. His focus is now on preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine.

Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images